Animate anything anywhere with 34 easy baked in presets.
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Rapidweaver Add-Ons

Our Rapidweaver related software is used by discerning web design professionals across the globe. We have over 200,000 stacks currently being used by our customers. Find out why people are choosing Doobox as part of their web design workflow.

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Mac & iPhone Applications

Our IOS & Mac software has attained number one positions in all the major countries app stores for paid applications. Some of the applications we have made are tailored specifically to suit Rapidweaver users.

What our Customers are Saying

The guys at Doobox have excelled again. Best buy for me today.
HappyPig0 via Mac App Store
I am so impressed by all the DooBox products. They are the best designed, simplest to use, and most gorgeous icons in the business.
Jim Braley via Email
Doobox is my first point of call when looking for a Rapidweaver solution. I know when I purchace from Doobox the product is going to be easy to use, bug free, and great value.
MagicWizard via Mac App Store
I couldn't be happier with DooBox, in fact sometimes it feels like I'm cheating they're so good
Philip Nowlan via email
Doobox stacks are bomb proof !
Sean of BeBrilliant via email
Gotta say, LOVE your stacks and addons! Really easy to set up and always work really well - support brill too thanks!
Sean Spirit via Twitter

We have to date over 250,000 products being used by discerning web developers around the globe.

Rapidweaver Stacks by Doobox