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Doo Stage

Cinema 4D Parametric Stage Capsule.
Instant Download
Requires Cinema 4D R25 or Greater

Harnessing the power of the new node capsule system in R25, this capsule generates a completely parametric lighting stage / backdrop. Every aspect of the stage is adjustable from a few intuitive simple controls.

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The parametric controls of the stage are intuitive, and listed below for your reference.

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Stage Control

Sets the width of the entire stage.
Can be 100 to infinity.


Sets the height of the back wall of the stage.
Can be 0 to infinity.


Sets the depth of the lower stage floor in the z-axis.
Can be 0 to infinity.


Sets the radius in the bottom rear corner of the stage.
Can be 0 to infinity.

Push / Pull

This control adjusts the entire stage in the z-axis.

Podium Control
Show Podium

Show or hide the integrated podium stage.

Podium Height

Sets the heigh of the podium.

Podium Radius

Sets the outer radius of the podium.


Installation and info.

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Important! Before instalation...

Download your package from Doobox.
The download may or may not have auto unzipped, depending on your browser.
If it auto unzipped the download titled "[your-product] package", then fine. DO NOT unzip the .zip file contained within just yet.
If the download did not automatically unzip, then unzip the file entitled "[your-product]".
Again DO NOT unzip the zip file contained within.

Step 1

From the top menu inside your asset browser -

1: Click "Create"
2: Select "Import Assets"

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Step 2

From the select file window that appears -

1: Select the .zip file you downloaded from Doobox, and click OK.
The .zip file is contained inside the "[your-product] package" downloaded from doobox.

Step 3

From the popup window that appears -

1: Select the database to add your new asset.

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Drag Doo Stage from your asset browser into your object manager to include it in your scene.
Please note that double clicking Doo Stage in your asset browser will add Doo Stage to your scene manager instead.

Also, if you choose to add Doo Stage to your custom UI layout as an icon, then clicking the icon will add Doo Stage to your scene manager.

C4D version support

Supported in Cinema 4D R25 or above.

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