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Browser Support

Browser are smart, they can and will pick an appropriately sized icon for the best possible display in the location it's being used. There's a but… They can only do this if you give them that choice. Providing the browser with a favicon.png or a single image favicon.ico does not give the browser the choice it begs for. Enter the multipart icon…

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Multipart Icons

Multipart files are created from a series of images all embedded within one file. Favicon Pro produces a multipart favicon.ico file, the most widely supported favicon file type to date. You just provide the app with a single image, it generates all the required images and then using our tried and tested algorithm stuffs them into a single image file, a favicon.ico file for your website. This keeps every browser out there happy.

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Favicon Pro is Free

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Mac OS X El Capitan or newer required.

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