Custom folders for Finder in seconds.


The fastest way to create custom folders for your Finder.

"Folder app" allows you to create custom folders for your Finder. You can customise the folder colour, and apply a custom icon to the folder if you wish.
Custom folders make finding what you need at a glance so much easier.

OSX v10.13 High Sierra or greater

Pimp your Finder

With "Folders" generated folders.

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Creating custom folders for Finder

It's so simple. You can create a new custom folder or update an existing one, stamping it with any image you like.

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Folders is fast and intuitive.

Folders was designed to maximise productivity while creating your custom folders.

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🎉 New Emoji Picker 🎉

Now you can pick any of your Macs built in Emoji icons, as well as providing your own custom icon image.

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Help & FAQ

How do I remove a custom folder icon?

If you applied a custom folder icon, and then decide you'd like to return that folder to the default folder icon at a later date, it's quite simple.

1) Right click on the folder in the Finder window.
2) On the context menu that appears, select "Get Info".
3) In the info window that opens you will see the custom icon in the top left corner.
4) Select the icon, and click the backspace / delete button on your keyboard.

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The folder is now returned to its default icon.

Can "Folders app" change the icon of an existing folder?

YES : If you attempt to save a new folder to a directory that contains a folder of the same name, then you will be given the choice to replace the icon on the existing folder. "Folders app" will never replace an existing folder, it only changes the icon.

Save a preferred default folder colour.

Open Preferences from the top menu, Folders > Preferences
Set your colour of choice.
Now each time you launch the "Folders app", the folder will be initially set to this colour.
This colour is also used by the "Reset" button.

Drag & Drop

You can load a custom icon onto your folder icon, by simply dragging and dropping an image from your Finder window onto the folder.

Do I have to have an icon on the folder?

NO : You can save the folder without adding a custom icon if you wish.
This allows you to save simple folders of your chosen colour.

What will your Finder look like?

With "Folders" generated folders.

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Requires OSX v10.13 High Sierra or greater

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Folders App

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