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Rapid Icons

Simultaneously creates a retina ready Favicon.ico and an IOS Web Clip icon.

Every website needs a Favicon and a Web Clip icon, but their not always easy to create, and rarely retina ready. Every aspect of the application is drag and drop. There is no quicker way to create the icons every web page needs.

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£3.99 - Requires OS X 10.6.6 or later

Drag and drop.

Every aspect is simple. Drag and drop to create. Drag and drop to save.

Drag in your image, and drag out your icons. You can drag out your icons to Finder or any other application that allows you to drop in images of this type.

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5 star Mac App Store reviews.

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  • The concept of single purpose apps is making its mark on the Mac App Store. If you are a RapidWeaver user or just need a Favicon or Webclip icon for your website, you simply drop your normal icon into the drop zone and "ding" you're done. The app just works and there is no fuss. I suppose I could have found some convoluted way to do the same thing to save some money, but my time is far more important as compared to the minuscule price of this app.

    iKeithReview (Mac App Store reviewer)
  • This single purpose little app does exactly what it says—generate rapid icons. Just drag and drop a photo or other image into the pane and bingo! Instant favicon and web clip. Sure I could crop and resize the images using preview or another image editor, but this little app does it for me in a second.

    ipjosh (Mac App Store reviewer)
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Fast Rapidweaver deployment.

If you are using the Rapidweaver web designing application, it could not be easier to deploy the Icons. Drag and drop straight from the Rapid Icons application, into the dropzones in your websites general settings section.

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Buy now.

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£3.99 - Requires OS X 10.6.6 or later

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