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Stack Developer

Start Creating Your Own Custom Stacks Today

Instant download,
requires OSX version 10.11 or higher

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It's never been easier to start developing your own stacks.

Stack Developer takes all the pain out of getting started.

What can it do?

It makes it easier than it has ever been to start developing your own custom stacks. It will get you through the initial process of creating the correct file and folder structure of a stack. Based on your selections in the app, it will produce every file and .plist setting you need. All you need to do from here is add your own HTML, CSS and if your brave a touch of jQuery magic.

What can't it do?

Let's get this right out of the way. It can’t teach you how to code. You should know at least some basic HTML, and CSS, to create your own stacks. The stacks the application produces are functional in the sense you can install them into Rapidweaver and deploy them into the page. But until you add your own HTML, CSS, jQuery or PHP, it will do nothing but show you the words “Hello World”.

Here’s a Rundown of the Interface

Nearly everything is optional. You only need a single HTML file included in the stack build, for a fully functional stack. With a sprinkling of your own HTML in the generated HTML template.

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A Build in Under 10 Seconds.

Where you take it from here is limited only by your own imagination. Stack Developer takes all the pain out of the first steps in creating that stack idea you have been thinking about for months.

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An Example Generated Stack File.

Just a few clicks, to select only what you need to built your stack idea. Hit the build button and your over the first hurdle.

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In App Documentation.

This is a live document we will be expanding upon all the time.

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Editing Your Stack.

Once you have generated your stack, you are going to want to start editing the template files within. To access the files within a .stack file, which is in fact a folder of the type OSX calls a bundle, you right click on the .stack and select “Show Package Contents”.

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Further learning.

You can find the official Yourhead Software Stacks plugin API here :

If you'd like to see us talk about something specific, please feel free to join our community here: and shout out your requests.

Sample stack building video.

Here we create a simple stack to get you started on your journey.

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You can download a copy of the Hue stack we built in this video here :

Convinced creating custom stacks is for you?

Instant download,
requires OSX version 10.11 or higher

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