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Doobox Software is part of the SIMPSON group of companies, creating beautifully intuitive software and third party add-ons.


Gary Simpson (founder).

Doobox was founded in 2000 by Gary Simpson, who has over a decade of experience in front end web development and native application development.

We are based in the Channel Island of Jersey. We predominantly create applications and third party add-ons based in and around the world of web design. Most notably our collection of “stacks” used by a worldwide community using the Mac application Rapidweaver™

If you need support for one of our products please visit our Support page.

For all company related enquires contact ObscureMyEmail (founder).

Where in the world are we?

The island of Jersey is situated just of the north coat of France, though loyal to the British crown, and has a very British way of life.

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Doobox Software
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