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Fav App
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Fav is a beautifully simplified contact manager

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Top Favourites
Every time you open the Fav app your most popular contacts are right there at the top.
Keeping track of the number of times you have contacted them, makes Fav as fast as it can be to access the people you contact most.
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Photo Adjustments
Fav is about efficiency, but it is also about beauty, so we have added a photo adjustment screen that is equally as beautiful, as well as being extremely fast and intuitive to use.
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Social Sharing
If you like to share things on your social networks, you are going to love the sharing feature we have built into Fav app. It is quite unique, and we are sure your Fav be be proud to be at the top of your list.
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Icon Generator
So you don't have photos of all your favourite contacts ? No problem with the built in icon generator you can create a gender specific icon in the colour of your choice for any of your favourites.

"What people are saying"

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"Very quick and convenient way to make contact with your favourite people without having to browse your phone book. Very user friendly app too ! "
Lorraine Hocquard via Facebook
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"Its brilliant. I have it in my dock and have already become accustomed to going straight into Fav when i want to make a call"
@JamesMurray via Twitter
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I have enjoyed everything Gary has put out for rapidweaver and this app is of the same quality as all of his other work. Very clean and simple - I would recommend this to others.
Talmart (App Store)
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"It took less than 5 minutes to figure out that this was the new go to app on my iPhone. Very efficient and a time saver, for sure. If I was smart enough to write apps, this is the app I would have made for myself."
@RMCook via Twitter

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