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Sprightly 2

The Sprightly stack creates stunning rollovers in seconds, from a single image

Unlike it's predecessor, Sprightly 2 adds a single image in each stack deployed for greater layout flexibility.
The stack has also now been made fully responsive.
Create stunning portfolio galleries, photo galleries or image button rollovers with this visually appealing stack. You only need to add one image for this rollover effect.

The produced images are fully responsive and linkable via the Rapidweaver built in links panel, just as a regular image stack

You may add a clickable link to any of the rollover images Sprightly produces.
Version : 1.0.6
Responsive :
First released : 11/3/2013
Last updated : 11/11/2014
Requirements : Intel based Mac, Rapidweaver version 5 or above,The Stacks 2 plugin from
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Customisation settings

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Just one setting in this stack:
Choose between never allowing the image to be displayed larger than it's original size, or always displaying the image to the maximum width of the container you place it in.
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This is how the stack looks in edit mode

Just acts like a default image stack in edit mode.
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Simply drag and drop you image into the stack.
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FAQ & help related to this stack

Drag an instance of the stack into the page.
Select the the method of image sizing from the stacks settings.
Thats all you need do to publish your sprightly 2 page.
The image is now fully responsive, and will revert to colour on rollover.

You may add links to the images in the usual way, via the Rapidweaver links panel.

Note on touch devices like iPhone etc.. the images only revert to colour versions when touched.
Tested in the following browsers :

Mozilla FireFox
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer 7+
iPhone 4 + 5
iPad 2 + 3
There are currently no known issues with this stack.