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Montage 2

A fully responsive image gallery that always fits a perfect rectangle and has a built in light-box. This is a unique and striking gallery layout.
V1.0.7 - 24/09/2017


A smart and customisable html5 audio player. Presents your audio files in any flavour you like, with this unique player.
V1.0.7 - 20/09/2017

Count Up

The stack will animate form zero to a number of your choice as it comes into view. Style the number just like you would style any text.
V1.0.4 - 03/10/2017

Night Time

Display something different during the blue hours. CSS gurus rejoice, you can define CSS during these hours.
V1.0.0 - 5/5/2017

iMac Stage

Displays a slideshow of your images or screenshots on a faithfully reproduced mock-up of an iMac.
V1.0.7 - 4/12/2016


Simple self sustaining liking system. No database required.
V1.0.1 - 06/10/2016


Simple self sustaining rating system. No database required.
V1.0.2 - 17/10/2016

True Download 2

A smarter way to distribute file downloads.
V1.0.3 - 25/9/2016


Find the available space you have to work with. A must have utility stack for any web designer using stacks.
V2.0.8 - 14/9/2016


Display a set number between 1 and a 100 lines of text with a “read more” link to Be displayed.
V1.0.4 - 20/9/2016


Image light-boxing where and when you need it. Built in hover effects and pop-up animation.
V1.0.3 - 19/10/2016

Little Mouse

This little mouse will scroll the page to where ever you put his piece of cheese when you click him.
V1.0.4 - 1/9/2016


A simple to use image comparison slider. A perfect way to convey the differences between two images to your visitor .
V1.0.7 - 19/10/2016

Eternity 2

Add backgrounds in various different ways, behind any stacks content. Use any other stack inside.
V1.0.0 - 20/7/2016


Animated background hero sections that are simplicity it's self to set-up.
V1.0.4 - 30/08/2016

HTML Contact Form

Works in standard HTML page. Simple, stylish, robust, secure, and works in any standard HTML stacks page.
V3.1.6 - 06/11/2016


The most advanced responsive columns stack built for stacks 3. An absolute breeze to use with it’s concise intuitive settings.
V1.0.4 - 4/4/2016


Our proprietary grid system. Concise settings, yet still the most advanced responsive grid layout in a stack to date.
V1.0.6 - 22/8/2016

Hunter 3

This premium stack organises and filters chunks of page content, based on the categories you define for your user to click.
V1.0.2 - 2/10/2015

Bell Boy

The Bell Boy will take your visitors back to the top of your page at any time. He can if you wish entertain them on the way.
V1.0.1 - 19/9/2016

Tab 2

A tabbed content stack with a twist. Switches to an accordion style on smaller screen devices, to avoid cropping tabs off screen.
V1.0.3 - 7/6/2016

Responsive Shim

Use as a fully responsive vertical shim (spacer) that is smart enough to get shorter as the visitors screen width gets narrower.
V1.0.3 - 9/6/2016


Attention grabbing growl type notifications and mobile optimised visitor alerts. In a style that is instantly recognisable.
V1.1.1 - 20/8/2016


A beautiful stack with the purpose of presenting frequently asked questions and click to reveal answers, with subtle animations.
V1.0.5 - 12/8/2016


Allows you to re-align text & images responsively. Thanks to a new feature of the Stacks plugin API this is more intuitive than ever before.
V1.0.1 - 8/9/2016

Video Plus

Displays YouTube and Vimeo videos, as well as custom related content in an information column on the right when light-boxed.
V1.0.8 - 27/7/2016

GIF Player

The smarter way to load animated GIF images on demand.
V1.0.1 - 6/06/2016

Fit My Video

Ensure that videos you embed form your favourite video services, never exceed the available space they have in your page.
V1.0.7 - 9/8/2016


Defend your content against theft. There is no way to stop the thieves entirely, but you can go a long way to deter the casual content thief.
V1.0.4 - 8/10/2016


Put stacks into your sidebar. Put any stack anywhere. Simple in use. Add the teleport key, where you want the stack to display.
V2.0.9 - 15/8/2016


Simple website statistics, any Rapidweaver can use. Know which pages are attracting visitors attention to better manage your website.
V1.0.4 - 20/6/2016

Obscure Email

Hides email addresses from harvesting robots. Adding email addresses into your page without some security leads to one thing.. Spam!
V1.0.8 - 27/6/2016


Display your code Cocco is a code syntax highlighting stack that does not require you encode your raw source code before using it in the stack..
V1.0.6 - 7/9/2015

Opening Hours

Display anything you like to convey the actual open status of your business, based on your visitors local time.
V1.0.4 - 30/1/2016


Easy animation of anything as it appears into the page view (without any cropping). Jet brings subtle professionalism to any page.
V1.0.3 - 22/082016


Shows the finest detail in your images. Choose between a retina style Loupe or zoom into the entire image when hovered.
V1.0.9 - 24/7/2016


Harnessing the power of Facebook’s commenting system. Display and administrate visitors comments directly on your page.
V1.0.9 - 24/8/2015

Button Press 2

These power filled clickable buttons are all about speed, responsiveness, and stylish subtle designs.
V1.0.2 - 18/06/2016


Randomly displays just one block of content each time the page loads, from of up to 50 blocks of content you can provide.
V2.2.1 - 24/1/2016


Allows you to have an eternally moving background image inside the stack. Present any other stack over the moving background.
V1.0.7 - 14/6/2016

Map 2

A fully responsive map stack, with directions finder, that makes set-up breeze for you, and use a breeze for your visitor.
V1.1.2 - 8/10/2016


Colour to greyscale image rollovers. Works well for a stylish portfolio gallery or just a one of image deployed anywhere in your page.
V1.0.2 - 10/06/2016


Video backgrounds directly behind your stacks content. Supports YouTube videos, as well as your own self hosted videos.
V1.0.3 - 14/1/2016

500px Montage

500px Gallery Display your latest 500px images in this beautiful montage style with optional touch friendly light-box gallery.
V2.0.2 - 20/11/2016

Image Plus

Click an image to see a full size version in a light-box, with right hand column containing associated information about the image.
V1.0.6 - 17/08/2016


Display a gallery of your Dribbble shots in your webpage. Unlimited shots and pagination available. Includes light-box.
V1.0.2 - 24/8/2015


Max allows you to control the maximum width of your other stacks based on a set of screen sizes you can configure.
V1.0.1 - 18/7/2015


A beautiful gradient background. You have the option to set any part of the gradient to be semi transparent if you wish.
V1.0.4 - 12/9/2016

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