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Explosive image gallery.

A unique image gallery, that shows juste a taste of the images inside until the visitor checks in.

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This stack in a nutshell.

Frag is a gallery stack which allows to display the first x (1-6) images of your gallery in a grid view as you see on the Facebook timeline. Click on a thumbnail and it will display all (unlimited hidden gallery) images in a fullscreen, navigable modal popup just like the gallery light-box. You can now choose to have Frag look to a folder of images on your server, for the source of the gallery images. The images in the folder need no special naming convention.

Ability to supply a folder of warehoused images, as the source of the gallery.


The stack in action

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There are hidden images / Tidy mode active.


User configurable options.

Gallery mode

Choose to use the standard drag and drop in gallery images method, or Supply the source images for the gallery from a remote folder on your server. If you choose to use a remote folder of images, you link to just one image from within your folder of images, and Frag takes care of the rest. The images within the folder on your server do not even require any special naming convention, Frag will find them all anyway.


You can set the desired number of thumbnail images to display in the page on each screen size (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile). Choose between 1 - 6 thumbnails for each.

Restrict grid

When selected, you are given options to restrict the total width of the thumbnail grid within it's parent container. You will also have the option to align the restricted grid within the parent container to the left, right, or centre.

Gallery link

There are options for the text link that can appear on the thumbnail gallery. You may never show it, Always show it, or show it only when the grid is hovered with the mouse. There are further options for the language the text link is displayed.

Light-box colour

Here you can set the colours of the Lightbox overlay, as well as the colour of the Lightbox controls.

Close X

This positions the Lightbox close "x" button to the top left or top right of the screen.

Show pagination

Pagination are the dots you see in the Lightbox, one for each image in the gallery. You can show or hide the dots with this setting.

Re-define breakpoints

As the stack can alter the number of thumbnails that appear in the grid at each device size, here you may redefine the actual screen size (in pixel width) that these changes happen. By default they were set to match the Stacks plugins default settings for device sizes.

Tidy edit mode

After adding many images to a Frag gallery, the stack can get pretty large in edit mode. Selecting this option will hide all but the first image in edit mode when you'r done. You can de-select at any time to see all the images in edit mode. This setting does not affect anything in preview or the published page.

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Frag Stack