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We have been making premium stack add-ons for over a decade.
All of our stacks are fully compatible with Rapidweaver (6, 7, 8, & Classic).

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Eyecatching, animated, clickable, ticker tape message

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Last Modified


Stay Current: Effortlessly Showcase Your pages last modified date.

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My Time


Display your time in any text of any stack, anywhere on the page.

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True Download 2

Keeps count of how many times your file is downloaded.

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Video stack, compatible with YouTube, Vimeo, or Self hosted videos.

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Frag explodes into an unlimited image gallery.

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Swell will instantly light-box any image with a unique animation.

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Simple website visitor metric, on a page by page basis.

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Gradient creates gradient colour backgrounds inside its self.

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Two column stack, split into one fixed size, and one fluid column.

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Final Word

Have one last pitch before the visitor leaves for good.

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Add beautiful background animations behind any stacks content.

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An accordion type stack with a responsive ace up the sleeve.

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Responsive audio player in any flavour you like.

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Warehoused SVG images, with all the features of a pro image stack.

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Fills any image with any colour, plus optional hover effect.

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Page blocking modal to give visitors fair warning of what's inside.

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Montage 2

An images gallery that will always arrange its self into a perfect rectangle.

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HTML Contact

Email stack that does not require a php extension to be added to your page.

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Generate clickable email addresses and phone numbers.

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Total control of your contents max width at each device size.

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Gif Player

Loads animated GIF images only when the user demands them.

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Love It

A self supporting liking system that requires no database or initial setup.

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Rate It

Self supporting rating system that requires no database or initial setup.

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Proprietary columns. The most advanced responsive layout stack to date.

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An interactive measuring utility stack to aid your webpage production.

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Realign content responsively at each different device size.

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Skyward has the ability to pull its content up and over the content above.

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Header Pro

Super style headers with gradients, images, multi colours and links.

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Randomly loads blocks of content, keeping the page fresh on each visit.

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A fully responsive, interactive, A / B image comparison stack.

Stacks Image 1254


Loyal protector of your images, text, and videos.

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Our proprietary grid layout system, with extremely concise settings.

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Image Switch

Dynamic transition between two different images.

New Stacks

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